• Life Update: I’m alive.

    Oh, hi little neglected space of mine.  I didn't mean to leave you for so long, it just kind of happened.  Running a new business, two kids, and maintaining a household left very little time for this ... Read More

    Life Update: I’m alive.
  • LuLaRoe: The Freak Show

    I think we all know me well enough by now that if something is bothering me I'm going to take to this space to write about it.  Lately, it's been LuLaRoe.  I've recently joined the ranks of many other ... Read More

    LuLaRoe: The Freak Show
  • Review: Shnuggle Bath

    I have never really found an infant bath that I just absolutely loved.  I see most parents post their bath time photos on Facebook or Instagram and they make bath time look so easy, meanwhile I leave ... Read More

    Review: Shnuggle Bath


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